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On-Demand Webinar:

COVID-19 – Its Effect on the Value of Veterinary Practices

Recorded: May 29, 2020


Practice owners frequently wondered about the value of their practices prior to COVID-19. This webinar will explore how the pandemic has changed values and how values could be affected moving forward due to the cost of providing quality veterinary care under new operating necessities and a recession due to a battered economy.

Jackie Joachim

Chief Operating Officer and Sales Representative
ROI Corporation

As one of the main appraisers in the firm, Jackie has personally been involved in approximately 1000 appraisals since joining ROI Corporation. She has had the privilege of appraising chiropractic, dental, optometry, and veterinary practices throughout Canada. Jackie has been called as an Expert Witness in court to deliver the facts without bias specific to appraisal methodology pertaining to healthcare practices.

Thomas Jasiolek

Business Development Manager