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On-Demand Webinar:

Fatigue and Trauma in Veterinary Practice

Recorded: August 12, 2020 

Dr. Leann Benedetti

The Veterinary Coach

Dr. Leann Benedetti has been practicing Veterinary Medicine for 24 years. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Toxicology in 1992, and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1996. Her career started in mixed animal practice, then focused on small animal medicine and surgery with special interests in dermatology, dentistry, and internal medicine. In 2004, she started Georgian Bay Mobile Veterinary Services, one of the first mobile veterinary practices in Ontario. In 2010, together with her husband and her team, she designed and built Georgian Bay Veterinary Hospital and Mobile Services to complete the ‘package’ of veterinary services she could offer to her patients and clients. The last 16 years has been dedicated to building her practice into what it is today.

While still in practice, her last five years included becoming a Trained, Certified, Credentialed Professional Coach. This Journey provided her new perspectives and resources that are highly relevant to helping veterinary professionals deal with the many difficult and challenging issues we face.

Her Overarching Objective is Increasing Resilience, Fulfilment, Overall Happiness & Well-Being for both individuals and our entire Veterinary Community. She believes that a ‘Wholistic’ approach to our Personal and Professional lives is the key.

All of the above experience and knowledge has culminated in the creation of ‘The Veterinary Coach’ – Coaching Veterinary Professionals for ‘Wholeness’.


Let’s Live Smarter, Safer and Healthier

Every member of the Veterinary Team is at risk for Burnout, Trauma and Ultimately Compassion Fatigue. First-we need to understand that is true. Second, we need to understand what happens, and why. Third, we need to take a proactive, preventive approach to keep ourselves well. We recommend it for our pets-why do we not practice it ourselves??

Finally-we need to put our goals into action. How do these things show up for us personally, what can we do to work smarter and protect ourselves from the effects of our jobs so we can continue to do what we love. We will learn some basic starting points that will make a difference.