The Pets of VET

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Chief Morale officers here at VET.
With all of us working from home these days, these guys play a vital role in keeping spirits high.


Owner: Samantha Kanen, Marketing Manager

Miss Samantha Jane is the newest addition to the family! She also goes by Sammy. She’s an incredibly sweet, friendly, and gentle young pup. She’s also smart, agile, and athletic. Sammy is from the Dominican Republic and recently came to Ontario when she was rescued by Save our Scruff. Adopted by our Marketing Manager (Samantha Jean) she thought it was meant to be based on the pure fate of their names being the same! Sammy has now been in her forever home for a month and she is getting along so well with her big brother Benji (also a SOS rescue). She has fit right in and is taking the role of annoying little sister very seriously. 


Owner: Samantha Kanen, Marketing Manager

Meet Benji. From LA to Toronto, Benji is pretty much the “popular guy”… at least in his head. In Benji’s mind he thinks that everyone wants to have all of the face kisses and trust me when I say he might sneak a French kiss. He is always the life of the party and will get you to play fetch with him morning or night and sunny or snowy. Although he is from sunny California, this boy loves the snow, nothing a good roll in the snow can’t fix. Recently, his new sister Sammy joined the family and he has needed to adjust to not being an only child anymore. Lets just say it is taking some time to get used to but he loves her!


Owner: Jennifer Hiett, Operations Coordinator

Jinx is short for Hijinx. She is a 12 year old white and tabby DSH. When she lived with other cats she was very nervous and spent most of her time either hiding or sneak-attacking the others. Needless to say, she didn’t make friends. Now that she is the only cat, she is much more relaxed and happy. She spends a lot more time with her humans, happily sitting on laps and getting pets. She also likes to sit by the back window and watch the neighborhood squirrels come and go on her deck.


Owner: Shannon Donato, Account Manager

Brennan is an 8 month old Australian Shepherd. She is named after Temperance Brennan from the TV show Bones. She loves dinosaur toys and playing catch for hours or until moms arm tires out. The best part of her day though is bed time where she can snuggle with mom and dad and even though she may be small she takes up most of the bed! She is very active and social as most Australian Shepherds are, and will be inviting her new sister Willow into the family very soon!


Owner: Shannon Donato, Account Manager

Coming Soon…

Indie Jones

Owner: Lee Baker, Event Director

Indie Jones is a Border Collie from Austria. She loves toys, sticks and people. She is named after Indiana jones, although she isn’t much of an adventurer. We call her Velcro because it is as if she is stuck to our sides everywhere we go. She loves working from home especially when the post comes!


Owner: Jennifer White, Event Manager

Hunter is an 8-year-old chocolate lab that we rescued at 15 months. He is the easiest, longest and most gentle lab we have ever met. His favorite hobby is “hot-tub ball”. When we are in the hot-tub he brings us his ball (actually he throws it at us) so we can throw it. He is a very unique/strange dog. If “mom” says it is OK, then it is OK….hats, coats, boots, blankets etc. He loves his walks and having is belly rubbed for hours. He loves everyone especially his 12-year older sister, Molly.


Owner: Jennifer White, Event Manager

Molly is a 12-year-old yellow lab who came to us at 3 months old. Molly gives the biggest, wettest kisses, weather you want them or not! She loves to snuggle with her dad, run and jump into the water off the dock and swim. Her favorite toy is what ever Hunter has at the time. Molly is food driven, more so than most labs. She is not much for the cold weather but loves the warm sun. In 2018 she had full ACL/CCL surgery and is still going strong!

Almost every night at bedtime they have a little cuddle before snuggling into their parents!


Owner: Richard Jirka, Vice President, Technology

Louie is a Boston Terrier mixed with a Pug. Some people call this mix a Bug. Louie is 11 years old, with his 12th birthday coming up in April. Louie is a great dog and gives love to everyone. Louie especially loves to sit on people’s laps, snuggle under blankets, and roll on his freshly poured food. Louie is a best friend to many.


Owner: Dhen Pagdanganan, Marketing Manager

Meet Luna, the sweet but sassy lap cat. She loves to cuddle up to anyone willing to give her chin scratches; just be prepared for the fur she leaves behind. This fluffy girl as as sweet as she is spunky and no one can help but fall in love with that combination! If she isn’t asleep in a lap, or window watching, she’s playing with her favourite toys. Her mom and dad wouldn’t trade her for the world and she’s perfect addition to the family. 


Owner: Amy Ruddell, Vice President, Business Unit

Freyja is a 6 year old miniature Yorkie. When she isn’t bullying the other dogs at Macgregor, she enjoys visiting with her Auntie Amy, eating chicken and delighting her Daddies, Paul and Dom with her clever tricks and adorable antics.


Owner: Gerda Hockridge, Operations Coordinator

Salty started pretty tiny. He was adopted very informally as someone has posted on Kijiji that they “had a kitten”. He was found under a bush in a subdivision near the farms north of Oshawa. We gladly took him home. He was so small he fit in my hand. Right away he showed his playful side by “catching” a ball rolled to him, so my son named him after Saltalamacchia, a Red Sox player back then. We had another cat at the time, Shady, who we thought might want company. Apparently not. Shady has since passed and Salty has the house to himself.  He takes full advantage by running back and forth (zoomies!?) from one end of the house to the other. Since he turned 8 in November he’s not as interested in going out as much which is good because he’s an excellent hunter. He’s brought home lots of “presents”. But in the end, being a cat, his favourite thing is sleeping most of the day.

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