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About Us

We connect, educate and strengthen communities through events, publications and eMedia.

Launched in 2002, Macgregor Communications produces approximately 50 events per year in the project management, business analysis, office administration, IT, medical and veterinary markets. We are a leading provider of continuing education conferences for multi-level executives and business professionals.

Macgregor Communications has earned the trust and respect of North American business communities by providing quality continuing education conferences to help keep business communities current in their roles and engaged with their partners, suppliers and vendors. We are partnered with various professional licensing bodies, industry associations and universities that help us provide accredited programs that are relevant for today’s professionals.

Attention to detail, innovation and enthusiasm are at the heart of everything we do, which is what keeps our exhibitors, delegates, sponsors, supporters, and followers coming back for more. Our operations, IT, marketing, sales – it’s all in house, done by people who understand the markets they serve, who know our customers and can react quickly to feedback.