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Macgregor Communications is a fast growing and dynamic event production company based in Toronto. We organize a number of trade show and conference events in multiple industries that focus on high content and attendee education. As producers of international trade and consumer events, conferences, publications and eMedia we are in business to support and build innovative, effective business communities.

VET Conference Team

Registration Customer Service

[email protected]
1-888-443-6786 ext. 2202

Event Director

Lee Baker
Event Director & Sales
[email protected]
1-888-443-6786 ext 2241

Event Operations

Jennifer Hiett
[email protected]
1-888-443-6786 ext. 2253

Macgregor Communications
P.O. Box 1
Newmarket, ON L3Y 4W3
Telephone (905) 948-0470 or 888-443-6786